Youth leaders call on Matiang’i to sack officers who humiliated MP Gikaria

Youth leaders from Nakuru County have called on Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr.Fred Matiang’i to take stern action against police officers over brutal handling of Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria.

Led by Nakuru county Youth Chairman Dan Kimani, the youths say the brutal handling of the MP is an indicator that police reforms still have a long way to be realized in the country.

Speaking on Wednesday after holding a breakfast meeting on Youth agenda, the youths leaders said the law should be applied and that action be taken against those officers behind the MP’s humiliation.

“We want CS Matiang’i to investigate the Saturday incident where MP Gikaria was brutally handled by officers. We call for action against the officers” said Kimani.

The youths now say if the law will not take its course in the whole matter then they will be moving to court to have the officers who were involved apprehended.

While noting the need for balance standards in the law, they proposed various amendments to the laws as far as matters arrest are concerned.

They however called on the youths in Nakuru County to remain calm and avoid being used by any politician to cause havoc.“I think there is need for us to look at our laws more so on matters arrest.

Their sentiments coming barely two days after Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria claimed that the police tortured him following his dramatic arrest on Saturday.

Speaking on Monday to journalists, Gikaria said he suffered serious injuries while at the hands of the DCI officers.The MP was arrested on claims that he attempted to resist arrest and assaulted a police officer by slapping him.

Gikaria who was in a Naivasha Court on Monday was notified that his case will be heard on Monday, May 27, 2019, where he is expected to be charged.

Speaking outside the court, the MP said the officers violated his rights when he was assaulted and denied medical treatment.

Gikaria who had sustained injuries on his left hand and right leg claimed that he was assaulted by ten officers.

The MP who also had a neck brace questioned why no action has been taken against the officers who assaulted him while he was in police custody.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili: Nakuru county Youth Chairman Dan Kimani.

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