Women’ economic empowerment will help reduce gender based violence-Lobby

Rampant cases of gender based violence in families has attracted non-governmental organizations in the country to embark on role to sensitize Kenyans on extra ways of reducing the violence that has so far caused numerous deaths.

According to Love and Peace Foundation-an organization aimed at economically empowering women, increased gender based violence are as a result of unstable economic status in young families.

The organization through a research has revealed that women are asking too much than what their husbands are earning.

According to Mr.Julius Mutahi an official in the organization,such case results to women mocking their men who are emotionally demoralized and finally resulting to wars and deaths due to frustrations by their women.

“When women ask for more,the men become frustrated which results to conflicts and eventually deaths”said Mutahi.

In a congregation that brought more than 100 women they have embraced the education that they were given saying they now look forward at being special pillars in the economy of their families without depending on their husbands.

On their side officials from the foundation are optimistic that there shall be positive economic stable society.

This,they say will help address the gender issues as far as gender based violence and deaths.

PHOTO/Courtesy Diocese of Bethlehem:An illustration of gender based violence.

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