Teacher arrested for denying his children right to education

A secondary school teacher in Langalanga Nakuru town was on Thursday arrested for being drunk and disorderly and failing to take his children to school.

Charles Mokua, a teacher based at Kivumbini secondary school was arrested after his wife reported him to the area chief.

Upon visiting his home, area Chief George Ng’ang’a said that the teacher was totally drunk and could hardly speak.

He said that it was the second time that he was being reported by his wife.

The chief said that Mokua has had a habit of reporting home drunk after which turns violent.

According to his land lord Joseph Muchendu, Mr. Mokua broke several window panes last night after picking a quarrel with his wife.

He said that the teacher needs to be taken to a rehabilitation centre as he seems to be strongly addicted to alcohol.

Mokua’s wife Teresiah Moraa said that his husband of 17 years has always been violent and that he recently broke a television set in the house.

He said that school fees for his three children have not been paid and that is the reason why all of them are not attending school.

Chief Ng’ang’a said that the teacher will be charged in court to face various charges including being drunk and disorderly and failing to take his children to school. Mokua is being held at Bondeni police station .

Photo/eDaily:Police vehicle at a past crime scene.

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