Why Susan Kihika deserved to be selected by the Jubilee Party Secretariat

On Friday 4th November 2016, Kenya witnessed a historical event whereby the Jubilee Party , now a unified force of over 12 parties hold its first National Governing Council meeting at the Bomas of Kenya, in Nairobi. The event was presided by the President himself His Excellency Honorable Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. It being a political event was marred with very many positive sideshows and subplots.

During the event, the long awaited list of interim party officials was not read out. The party leadership instead chose to read out a list of personalities mainly chosen to drive the Jubilee Party’s Manifesto and campaigns in the grassroots in accordance to the regional areas of the country.photo

For the people of Nakuru, they were not left behind as Honorable Susan Kihika, the County Assembly Speaker was mentioned amid aplomb and excitement from the residents of the county. She has proven to be a stern leader in ensuring that all the bills necessary for the development of the mwanainchi of Nakuru have been passed in the house of MCAs. She has also defended the Assembly from undue interference from the executive and vice versa. She has always stood her ground on human rights and is outspoken against these violations.

An internationally trained lawyer, she has also voiced her opinion in publications and articles that she abhors gender violence and especially rape on minors. She has condemned this behavior over and over. She sponsors high school girls in each sub county of Nakuru. She has also stepped out of her mandate and assisted in raising funds for rape victims for legal fees and DNA testing. She has boldly defended victims of human rights abuses by standing her ground against many high profile personalities.

Susan Kihika belongs to a school of thought that a woman who seeks political leadership should not compromise on her journey to the top posts. She ran to be Bahati MP in the 2013 elections but lost in the TNA nomination, she surprised many by asking the electorate to support her competitor. Her loyalty to the party was rewarded by being elected the 1st Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly beating many male favorites to the seat.

Her steadfast leadership in the seat of the speaker has been exemplary, enduring storms and waves yet she always emerges as a patriot and a leader of unmatched integrity. This is what she bring to the table of the Jubilee Party. Her selection to be part of the Rift Valley Regional Jubilee Campaign team was not by accident. She was chosen as the sole Nakuru politician to that team. She brings with her massive experience on how to handle massive egos that are self-seeking and putting them to their place. She bring with her an arsenal of vast legal knowledge also as to keep the campaign against violations of the provisions of the electoral laws. She is an all-round public speaker with sharpened oratory skills that motivate and move an audience. With this, Jubilee has found a gem in mobilization of the masses towards articulation of its manifesto.

Her humble political methods are good because she will always consult and listen to the opinions of others thus creating a good environment for the workings of the Jubilee Campaign Team. She will bring the feminine touch of seeking after every detail, aesthetically presenting the beliefs and aspirations of the party to the electorate. Susan Kihika is a self-made and driven politician who has always negotiated the best deal for the people of Nakuru, and here Jubilee have hit the nail on its head by selecting her as a cog in their great campaign machinery.

Great days lie ahead with Honorable Susan Kihika steering the Jubilee Party campaigns in Nakuru!

Martin Gicinga

Web Designer at Topnaks Media
Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.
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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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