Sombre mood as murdered Murang’a Prison’s officer is laid to rest in Njoro

Sombre mood engulfed Mugumo village in Njoro sub county of Nakuru County as murdered Murang’a Prison’s Warden Pauline Wangari Ngoi was on Tuesday laid to rest in her her family’s farm.

The 25years old Pauline was found murdered in her rental house in Kiharu Murang’a County where one person who happens to be a business person in Murang’a has so far been arrested in the death probe as the main suspect.

The body of Pauline was found decomposing in her house after she failed to show up on her official duties at Murang’a Women’s prison contrary to her behavior, something that prompted her colleagues to find out where she was.

Speaking during the funeral, Central region commissioner General of prisons through a tribute that was read by a colleague said that the region has lost a young soul which was very promising in the service.

“As central region, we have lost a young soul which was very promising in the service” read part of the tribute.

Different speakers have also condemned the killings that have been going on around the country resulting from faulty love affairs.

They called on the church to stand and educate the current generation on how to manage their stress without taking the lives of others.

On their side the family of Pauline lamented losing their eldest daughter in a family of three saying that it’s sorrowful nowadays that children are being buried by their parents instead of vice versa.

The prison wardens finalized the burial by shooting the 21 gun salute to their fallen comrade.

PHOTO/Youtube:Murdered Murang’a Prison Warden Pauline Wangari.She was laid to rest on Monday in in her her family’s farm in Mugumo village in Njoro sub county.

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