Shock as NLC denies illegal issuance of allotment letters in Leleshwa,Gilgil

The National Land Commission (NLC) has moved to resolve one of the longest land disputes in Gilgil surrounding Leleshwa land after locals raised concerns of illegal allocation of land.

In a letter seen by this writer dated 22th February 2019 the commission said it did not authorize the allocation through allotment letters in question.

The Allotment letters with official signature are said to have been issued on 17th August 1997 which happens to be on a Sunday.

In addition in a letter dated 1st April 2019, the Directorate National Land Commission has written to regional NLC land to visit the ground and assess the situation.

The letter has also been copied to the County Physical Planning officer and Mr.Moses Gitonga.

“The purpose of this letter is for you to go on the ground and assess the situation and forward your report and recommendations…..”states the letter in part.

Speaking in his office, Regional Coordinator National Land Commission Mr.Frank Kimbelekenya called on locals to be patient as the commission steps in to assess the matter.He added that any land that was procedurally allocated cannot be objected by the commission.

“As a commission we will move to the ground to assess the situation. But we cannot object any land that was allocated procedurally” said Kimbelekenya.

Locals in the area had raised concerns over alleged land grabbed-land that was meant for St.Wandeti Girls School and also a section of private citizens.

In several letters written to various concerned government institutions, the locals argue that the land was grabbed by a section of corrupt cartels who allegedly colluded with the who is who in society.

The community had entered into an agreement that would see ASTU build Utumishi Girls Academy on plot 216 of Leleshwa land.

However this did not take place over what the locals say is after the land was grabbed by cartels leading to the invasion of the parcel of land that was allocated legally through an allotment letter for the construction of St.Wandeti Girls Secondary.

The affected community through National Citizen Engagement Forum’s Chairman Moses Gitonga has been following up the matter for many years.

Gitonga says he has written several letters to various government institutions questioning why the cartels used unapproved plan to subdivide the land meant for the St.Wandeti Girls School.

Shockingly, he has received no response from the same hence raising eyebrows.

“We have written several letters to almost all the concerned agencies, but no response” said Gitonga.

Gitonga argues that even the Surveyor who had been involved withdrew and recalled his work over what he termed was misleading information.

When the community wrote to National Land Commission over the illegal subdivision of the land with blessing from NLC, in a response letter dated 22th February 2019 the commission said it did not authorize the allocation despite a signature otherwise.

The letter goes further to explain that the commission does not allocate land on Sundays as the letter was signed on a Sunday 17th August 1997.

With the new development, the locals Gilgil are optimistic that the matter will be addressed and the cartels behind the land grabbing issue in Gilgil will be unmasked.

The Leleshwa Land in Gilgil has a total acreage of 75 acres. This land was: surveyed in 2000/2 and allocated in 2003/4 by County Council of Nakuru.

Allottees entered the land and started developing them. In the post election violence period, 2007/2008, Gilgil residents upheld peace unlike Naivasha and Nakuru towns.

Because of prevailing peace, people from PEV areas flocked to Gilgil and demand for land went up. Leleshwa land became a target because parcels of land were of 1/4 acre pieces that would be subdivided to lesser sizes.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A letter from NLC denying that it illegally issued letters of allotment to individuals in Gilgil.

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