Serve humanity with passion,clergy urges Kenyans

Kenyans have been challenged to serve Humanity with passion and ensure the gap between the rich and the poor is not felt in the society but rather a whole round exclusive society where everyone is accorded equally.

Speaking on Saturday during a fundraiser for the completion of St..Martin Catholic church in Nyamaroto Nakuru County, Bishop Phillip Anyolo of the catholic Diocese of Homabay challenged Kenyans to have the passion for work and assist the less fortunate in the society.

“We join hands in ensuring the completion of this church but more so we should also have that passion to work in ensuring that we show acts of mercy to humanity in the society. In doing so we shall have an inclusive society” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Nakuru Senatorial Aspirant Jack Waihenya who said it was a noble course to join the church in ensuring development of the society in various sectors touching on humanity.

He challenged fellow politicians to work closely with religious leaders in ensuring that which is paramount in terms of development is achieved.

“I have known the members of this church and I felt it nice to join hands in ensuring the completion of this church. My appeal to fellow politicians that let us ensure that we work closely with religious leaders for development” he said.

On his part, Dr. Stanley Karanja a consultant and Nakuru East Parliamentary Aspirant called on the church to work with local leaders in ensuring that the issue of land title deeds that is affecting the people of Nyamaroto is solved.

He said the matter might look huge but through collective collaboration then it can be solved once and for all to ensure the matter is dealt with and justice served.

“This area has a big issue of title deeds but I know if we can work together with all the stakeholders then we shall have the matter solved and Nyamaroto people will have justice as other Kenyans” he said.

The fundraiser in aid of the completion of St.Martin Catholic church-an outstation of St.Monica Parish under the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru was officiated By Bishop Phillip Anyolo of Homabay assisted by the Parish Priest Moses Muraya.

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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