Probation officers urged to take up active role in Judicial system

Probation officers have been called upon to take up active role in ensuring service and justice to the people.

Speaking in Nakuru on Friday morning during the official opening of a 3 day conference for Probation officers, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu stated that the role played by the probation services department is paramount in ensuring justice.

The Probation Officers Conference is meant to strengthen Community Corrections towards realizing Peace, Justice and Sustainable Social Development.

The DCJ while lauding the officers for the good work they have continued to do in the community, reiterated the commitment of the judiciary in delivering informed decisions in the whole process of justice.

“Probation officers play a key role in the community and together with the judiciary should ensure informed decisions” she said.

The Lady Justice called on the Probation officers to continue working closely with the Judiciary in ensuring dispute resolution.

She reiterated that the relationship between the Judiciary and the Probation Services department will continue to prevail.

“As judiciary we recognize the role played by the Probation officers and we shall continue to work together to ensure informed decisions as far as justice is concerned” she said.

Similar sentiments echoed by High Court Judge Luka Kimaru who is also the chairman of the Community Service Order, a committee that aims at reducing the number of people in Kenyan prisons and remand homes.

According to Justice Kimaru, the Probation officers should not take a passive role but rather active role in the justice system.

“One of the parameters that should be considered by probation officers is community service and passion. You need to take up not the passive role but rather the active role” said Justice Kimaru.

Others who addressed the more than 800 probation officers’ conference was Director of Probation and Aftercare Services Ms.Mary Mbau as well as Resident Judge Lady Justice Maureen Odero.

Probation and Aftercare Service is a Government Department under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.

The Department forms part of the Criminal Justice System in Kenya and is charged with the responsibility of generating advisory reports to courts and penal organs for purposes of bail, sentencing and pre-release decision making.

It is also responsible for supervision, rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders serving non-custodial sentences in the community.


PHOTO/ officers during induction.Probation officers have been called upon to take up active role in ensuring service and justice to the people.

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