Nakuru mother in agony over daughter’s spine hydrocephalus bifida condition

It is the joy of every mother to see her children go to school and shape their future, but for one Gladys Wangui from Kagoto, Kiamaina, Nakuru County, the story is different after she gave birth to her first born daughter Rose Nyokabi with spina hydrocephalus bifida condition.

According to medics the condition may be caused by an infection in the mother during pregnancy, such as rubella or mumps, or a birth defect, such as spina bifida.

In hydrocephalus, the build-up of cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) can raise pressure inside the skull, which squashes surrounding brain tissue.

In some cases, this can cause the head to steadily grow in size, convulsions, and brain damage.

Hydrocephalus can be fatal if left untreated.Other symptoms include headaches, vomiting, blurred vision, cognitive problems, and walking difficulties.

Wangui says her daughter who is now 13 years old was born with the condition and life for her has never been same again.

“I gave birth to Rose with this condition and life has never been easy” she says.

She narrates that the condition saw her separate with the husband and father to her daughter Rose Nyokabi.

The condition has also seen Nyokabi delay in joining school as the mother tried to find a special needs school where her daughter could be understood owing to her condition.

Her spinal system nerves are insensitive making her immobile and the mother says she is forced to nap her with pampers to help her whenever she relieves.

A shaft has also been placed on one side of her head to help as the build-up of CSF in the head comes out through the shaft and released as urine.However she says due to her financial constrains she cannot afford pampers and she has opted to use polythene papers for the same.

“The pampers are too expensive for me even if she joins school I need help to ensure her comfort” she says.

The family has visited several hospitals among them Nakuru Level 5 and Kijabe Mission Hospital but the condition seems to be beyond the Doctors’ know how.

Wangui says now her only tablet of hope God and she believes one day her daughter’s condition will be rectified and that she will be able to go to school and study like other children in society .

While admitting that indeed she facing a financial crisis in the whole situation, she is calling on Kenyans of good will to step in and ensure that her daughter’s welfare is taken care of and that she is able to join the Kwa Wanjiku special school.

According Wangui, she needs close to Kshs 100,000 per term to cater for the special needs of her daughter.

Those who wish to assist can her reach on 0713214022.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Rose Nyokabi in her wheelchair at home.

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