Nakuru man seeking justice after he was attacked by MP’s home guards

A middle age man is nursing wounds on his left foot in his house at Kaloleni Giza estate in Kivumbini Ward of Nakuru East after he was attacked and assaulted by what he termed are the security persons guarding the home gate of Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria.

Addressing media on Friday, Sammy Onyango Omollo who is a Motorbike Bodaboda operator says he was approached by a lady customer at around 7am on 29th July 2018 who asked him whether he knows the home to the area MP, when he admitted knowing very well the home situated at Section 58, he was given a luggage to take there.

He narrates that on reaching the gate he knocked but there was no response when he was about to leave two security guards came shouting at him in Swahili that, “Mutozoea sana nyinyi”.

The father of 4 children says he was attacked by the guards and sustained injuries on his left foot knee and shoulders and when he tried to call for help some bodaboda operators peeped in the home and that is when the guards stopped the attack.

One of the workers at the MP’s home whom Mr.Omollo identifies as Tonny is said to have made called the MP who came and ensured the matter is reported to the Nakuru Central Police station under OB number 12/29/07/2018 by a one Corporal Omollo as indicated on the OB.

The MP according to Mr.Sammy Omollo is said to have uttered the words,” these soldiers have a habit of beating up people here”.

Mr.Omollo was then admitted at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital where he was discharged after sometime but he was unable to clear the bill until the office of the MP intervened.

He also claims the MP promised to ensure that during his time of nursing the injuries he (the MP) will be giving him Kshs 500 per day to try and sustain his family since he cannot operate the motorbike in his status.

However, to his surprise, the MP is unreachable as he claims he does not pick his calls.

He admits that the only amount he received from the MP was Kshs 3,000 when he was discharged from the hospital and also the crutches to support himself.

Mr.Omollo is now a worried man as he was the sole bread winner for the family and used to take his children to school using the motorbike but now he cannot due to the injuries he sustained.

When media reached out to the MP over the matter through his Personal Assistant said he was he was held up in a meeting but the communication he made was that he has nothing to do with the case as the police were on it and that those who assaulted and injured Mr. Sammy must be held responsible.

The MP through the PA added that if there are any expenses incurred, the people who were behind the attack should pay for it.

However while condemning the incident, Mr.Benson Macharia from Coalition for Human Rights Defenders in Nakuru called on the OCS Nakuru Central to speed up the investigations and ensure that culprits behind the heinous act are arrested and prosecuted.

He said it was so sad that the life of Mr.Sammy Onyango Omollo had been messed up and he could not now toil to seek daily bread for his family as he sued to do.

“We are now issuing 7 days ultimatum to the police to investigate this incident and ensure that the culprits are arrested and prosecuted” said Macharia.

He said if this does not happen, then they will unite as Human Rights defenders in Nakuru to demand justice for Mr. Sammy Onyango Omollo.



PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Mr.Sammy Onyango Omollo on crutches at his home in Kaloleni,Kivumbini,Nakuru East sub county.

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