Nakuru Business persons at loss as county demolishes their roadside premises

Several business persons within Nakuru’s CBD are counting loss worth millions after their business premises were on Saturday morning demolished by county government of Nakuru.

According to the business persons, the actions follow a 3 days’ notice they were given by the county government to move out of the road reserves.

Addressing media led by Mr. Canon Njeru from Canon cleaning services opposite Rift valley motors, they questioned the manner in which the demolitions were being done on some premises leaving others.

The business persons are now a worried lot following the demolitions, calling on county government to rethink about the actions.

They say they have in possession of licenses and all the allotment letters as well as allocation letters on the same.

“We have lost millions and we wonder whether this is the government we elected. We are calling on the human rights defenders and even the President to intervene” said Mr.Njeru.

It is alleged the demolitions are to pave way for the construction of a parking belonging to one of the plazas opposite.

Elizabeth Wanjiru – one of the victims of the demolitions says she is worried after her car wash was demolished yet it was the source of her family’s living.

The irate Wanjiru says the county government of Nakuru has failed in taking such an action to demolish business premises to allow the construction of a parking.

“Truly…truly is this what the governor can do for us?” questioned Wanjiru.

A county official who spoke on anonymity said the demolitions were being done since they premises were constructed on road reserve as per the CBD planning.

However the officer did not want to address the issue of short time notice that the business persons were given before the demolitions took effect.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A demolished container that served as business premise opposite Polo centre.

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