Nakuru aspirants to support Jubilee Campaign team

Political aspirants for various seats in Nakuru County have unanimously agreed to fully support the jubilee party and presidential campaign team that was unveiled last week.

Under the umbrella Nakuru aspirants caucus the over 120 aspirants draw from all the eleven subcounties in Nakuru agreed to offer total support to the central rift valley team under the leadership of Nakuru county assembly speaker Susan Kihika.

Speaking after an early morning meeting, the aspirants led by their chairman Abdul Noor, CEO Simon Ole Nasieku and Coordinator Hezron Manyara called on all politicians and jubilee supporters to accord the necessary support to the Kihika led team to ensure that it delivers its mandate.

Abdul said that all aspirants had agreed to support Kihika and her team for the good of the jubilee party.

He said that Kihika was better placed to lead the presidential campaign team in the central WhatsApp Image 2016-11-07 at 2.28.48 PMrift region.

Noor called on all youth don’t have national identity cards to obtain the important document and register as voters.

He noted that so many young men and women who have obtained the voting age could be locked out because they lack identity cards and have not registered as voters.

Manyara thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto for selecting speaker Kihika to be part of the team and promised to marshal all aspirants to support the team.

“I want to thank the president and his deputy for appointing Susan Kihika to be part of the campaign team and as aspirants we want to promise that we will work together with the team to ensure that Uhuru easily retains his seat in 2017,”said Manyara.

He called on all aspirants to work together and rise above the politics of tribalism for the sake of uniting the Kenyans.

On his part Nasieku called on all those who were initially opposing Kihika to swallow their pride and join her in selling the jubilee party agenda in the rift valley region.

Nasieku said that the selection of the presidential campaign team had brought back order and unity to the jubilee party something he said had threatened to divide the party.

“The naming of that list has brought back peace and unity in the jubilee party and all those who were opposing Kihika should swallow their pride and join us in supporting her for the sake of our party,” said Nasieku.

He also called on the inclusion of all aspirants in running of jubilee party affairs in the county saying that they have a lot of following and influence on the ground.

“We know there are so many committees that will be formed and as aspirants we want to be included in the formation of those committees because some of the aspirants are very influential on the ground and it will be good if they are involved,” he said.

The meeting was attended with 120 aspirants for various seats including MCA’s, women reps, Mps, senators with governor aspirant John Mututho sending his representative.

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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