Media council of Kenya now against Complaints Commission

Media stake holders have urged the government not to let the Complaints Commission (CC) run its operations under the office of the Ombudsman given that they are closely affiliated to media related issues.

Led by the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) chairman, Charles Kerich during a workshop in Gilgil on Saturday, they stated categorically that the major concern is on legal composition of the CC where it feels it sho


uld be a separate entity that is not part and parcel of the media industry.

“This is against our expectations and the media fraternity recognizes it as one of its arms and thus will be incomplete carrying out operations without us” he said.

They expressed discontentment of how cases are dragging for long before they are heard and determined more especially where journalists have faced threats and to some death and are therefore calling upon the speedy take off of the commission’s mandate assuring that they will offer support.

Further, they want the government to support the media through constitutional provisions and get ample allocation to carry out their activities.

MCK as a major regulator in the media industry, the Kenya Union of Journalist chairman, Eric Oduor, insisted that it ought to be facilitated to avoid being blamed for not delivering.

As the country gears towards the 2017 general elections, Kerich advised media houses to be accountable and practice responsible reporting as well for a smooth running of the exercise.

They were also against laws that gag media operations and as result, a committee has been set up to look into these laws and make recommendations which will be passed on to the government through the ministry of information for appropriate approval.

Additionally, speaking on behalf of editors, Mutegi Njau advised politicians owning vernacular radio stations to desist from using them to slander other tribes but instead promote peaceful co-existence.

The commission chaired b

y Timothy Kariuki is obligated to handle media related complaints from the government, public and media houses.

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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