MCA calls for action against herdsmen causing tension in Gituamba, Subukia

Just five days after two people sustained serious injuries following a night attack in Gituamba village in Subukia, locals are now calling on security to step in and restore peace.

According to the locals, a section of herdsmen are intruding in their farms with animals causing damage to their crops.

This even as they say they have reported to all relevant authorities but no action has been taken to ensure sanity in the area.Ms Mary Wanjiru Mwai whose crops have been damaged by the herdsmen’s animals during the invasion now says her hope is lost.

The elderly widow who could not control her emotions while addressing media in her farm on Friday said all security agents in the area have failed as they have been reporting the cases to the local administrators and even the police but no action.

“All our crops have been messed up. We have reported to all the relevant authorities but no action. Our efforts are fruitless and we feel like a forgotten lot” said Ms Mwai.

Area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae in his address to the Media faulted the government for not taking action despite the locals raising their concerns.

The MCA has vowed to write a letter to the County Commissioner and County Commander and submit a copy to the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr.Fred Matiang’i as to why those causing tension in Ndungiri have not been arrested.

He said it was wrong for the administrators in the area t ignore the conflict that might lead to more lives lost in the Gituamba village of Subukia sub county.

“The locals fear that these animals are owned by the who is who in this country and that is why they are not arrested despite the damage they cause on farms.

I will be writing a letter to the security agents and copy it to CS Matiang’i to explain why no action has been taken so far” said Dr.Mbae.

According to the locals, herdsmen started invading their farms late last year and they are now increasing the number of cattle they have been grazing on their lands since the grass has started sprouting.

PHOTO/Nation:Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae at a past Media briefing.

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