Matiang’i:NIMS was fully subjected to public participation

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr.Fred Matiang’i has refuted claims that there was no public participation for the ongoing Huduma Namba registration.

Speaking today during an exclusive interview on Radio Maisha’s Breakfast show Dr.Matiang’i clarified that the program was subjected to public participation before it was presented to Parliament.

He revealed that several groups including religious organizations and media had their inputs on the program before it was presented to parliament for debate by MPs.

He says through public participation, the form that is being filled for Huduma Namba has been amended 22 times to come up with a draft that fits the interests of every Kenyan.

“Unajua tuna kasumba sisi kama wakenya ya kwamba mradi wa kitaifa ukitokea hata kama tutazungumza miaka miwili ama matatu utakutua mtu mwingine anasema hajahusishwa yeye.Unjaua huu mpango ulianza miaka miwili iliyopita na tumehusisha makundi mbalimbali” (We have a tendency as Kenyans that when a project comes up we want to oppose it that we were not involved. But this program began two years ago and we have subjected it to public participation) said Matiang’i.

He added that the President has been talking about it since he came into office in 2013 on how to make it easier for Kenyans to get services.

While revealing that so far 9 million Kenyans have registered for the Huduma Namba,Dr.Matiang’i said the program will save the government more than 20 billion shillings.

He called on Kenyans to embrace the same and ensure they register before the 45 days lapse so as to help government in delivering services.

The CS however revealed that assistant chiefs will remain with the registration kits even after the 45-day exercise duration lapses.

PHOTO/Standard:Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr.Fred Matiang’i.

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