Man swept by flood waters in Nakuru yet to be found

Officers from Nakuru Fire brigade, Kenya Recross and other volunteers from Nakuru East Sub County on Friday joined hands in search for a middle aged man from Kisulisuli estate who is said to have been swept away by flood water following heavy downpour on Thursday evening.

According to the locals, the man only identified as Manyara is said to have been swept by the flood water while on his way home around 7pm on Thursday.

By the time of going to the press, the search was still on with the officers from Nakuru Fire brigade, Redcross and volunteers having hopes that they would find the man alive.

Some of the locals however accused elected leaders over failure to address the flood water menace which has always had a negative impact on the residents of Kisulisuli estates.

They say the drainage tunnel that is supposed to ensure the water flows smoothly has never been expanded and has no outlet an issue they say has contributed to difficulties in finding the man who was swept by the flood water on Thursday.

“We have complained a lot about the issue of this drainage but all in vain so we just wondering why we elected the leaders. If the drainage was in good state it would be easier even to get the person was swept away by the waters” they said.

Speaking over phone, Nakuru East Deputy County Commissioner Omar Hajji Salat called on residents to be cautious during this rain season.

He called on parents and teachers to ensure that children are safe especially during the rainy periods.

This even as rains continue to wreck havoc in various parts of the country with the weatherman advising that the situation will go on for several days.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Fire brigade officers join Redcross and other volunteers in search for a man who was swept away by Flood waters following heavy downpour on Thursday in Nakuru.

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