Kinyanjui: Titling programme in Nakuru County to be complete in less than two months

The accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County spearheaded by the Presidency will be complete in less than two months Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui has said.

The programme aims at issuing 100,000 title deeds in Nakuru County alone. President Uhuru Kenyatta issued the directive to have the title deeds processed when he attended a memorial service for 48 Solai dam tragedy victims in May this year.

Speaking on Wednesday during the swearing in ceremony of two County CeCs,Kinyanjui said that already 15,000 title deeds have been processed and the other 85,000 are expected to be completed in the next one month.

He said that issuance of the title deeds will enable most farmers to obtain loans from financial institutions.

While calling on Land buying companies to withdraw pending cases in court the governor noted that such cases are a hindrance to the titling programme.

He said that the county government of Nakuru is working together with the national land commission to complete the exercise.

PHOTO/NGPU:Governor Lee Kinyanjui on Wednesday during the swearing in of two county CeCs.

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