Kikuyu Council of elders declare support for Susan Kihika

The Kikuyu Council of elders have today reaffirmed their support for the Nakuru County speaker Susan Kihika as the Jubilee Presidential Campaign leader in Central Rift.

The elders were speaking at the burial of Muthamaki Francis Kariuki Gatari (Wagatari) who was the leader of Kikuyu Council of elders in Nakuru County. The elders said that the president is a muthuri wa kiama (member of the Kikuyu council of elders) and they never speak contrary to his decisions.

“President Uhuru is one of us as an elder and it is not in our nature to oppose him. (Kama hatujafurahishwa na uamuzi wa Rais tunajua wapi tutampata lakini sio magazetini) Whenever we have an issue with him, we know where to find him and discuss issues with him. We don’t do it through the media,” said Mayor Benson Mwangi a trustee of the Council of elders.

The chairman of the council of elders in Nakuru County Gichuhi who was the MC at the funeral attended by over three thousand disowned those who have been claiming to be elders and have been going around opposing the appointment of Speaker Susan Kihika.

“As the council of elders, we preach peace. Our late Muthamaki Wagatari has always been a champion of peace which is one of the tenets on which the council is founded. We condemn those who are trying to divide Nakuru people by spreading discord and may it be known today that we are fully behind the president’s decision and we shall support Susan Kihika in her role,” said the chairman.

The elders have said those who have been issuing statements in the media going contrary to the wishes of the president are not even members of the Kiama kia ma and were not speaking on their behalf.

“Our National Chairman is Ndung’u wa Gaithuma and the National Vice Chair is Mr Kabue,” said the chairman.


Others in attendance were the council of elders’ leaders from Laikipia and Nyeri counties and a host of other leaders from various capacities.

Residents of Rongai who were in attendance at the burial warmly received Susan Kihika loudly cheering her as she gave her condolences to the family and the elders.

Although attending a burial, they clapped loudly when the elders proclaimed their support for Susan affirming her popularity among the masses.

Speaking at the burial, the National Chairman of the Kikuyu council of elders Ndun’gu Gaithuma said that they don’t oppose the president.

“We don’t want bloodshed in this country ever again so no one should try to divide Kenyans. Let us respect the president’s choice in appointing Susan Kihika as it was his right to appoint anyone of his choice. We as the elders are fully behind Susan Kihika,” said Gaithuma.

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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