Humanitarian crisis looms at Nessuit Primary where families are camping after skirmishes

Families camping at Nessuit Primary school in Njoro following the recent internal skirmishes have appealed to the government and well wishers for aid following harsh living conditions in the area.

Addressing media, the families say they have been largely affected after leaving what were their homes and forced to camp at the school.

The situation in the school is pathetic with lack of privacy and women, men and children are now forced to share even the school latrines.

Women and children are the most affected since the skirmishes erupted and they are now calling on the government to ensure normalcy in the area.

“All our belongings were burnt down and we have moved here in this school with nothing. We are just calling on the government to intervene and ensure peace in this area and also assist us with food stuffs and clothing” said Evaline Sigei.

The looming humanitarian crisis at Nessuit Primary if not addressed might lead to women and children contracting diseases.

Similar sentiments echoed by Mr. Elijah Kirui who is a teacher in the area adding that what is being witnessed in the area is not due to Mau evictions but rather it is an internal conflict which the government should step in and intervene by talking to both parties.

According to Mr.Kirui who has taught in the area for the last 7 years, whatever is happening in Nessuit Njoro is not about the Mau evictions.

He is calling on the government to ensure that the matter is solved through reconciliation of both parties involved.

“This is not about Mau evictees and the government should step in and ensure that both parties are talked to and address this once and for all” said Mr.Kirui.

This even as on Friday evening Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui led other leaders to the area where donations of foodstuffs were made to the families.

The Governor Calling on the warring communities to embrace each other and live in harmony.

Photos source/Ian Benjah:Situation at Nessuit Primary.

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