Government calls for concerted efforts in reviving Pyrethrum Industry

The government has reiterated its’ commitment towards revival of pyrethrum farming in over 8 counties in the country.

Speaking in Nakuru on Thursday during the launch of a technical committee on revitalization of pyrethrum, Administrative Secretary State Department of Crop Development Harasama Kerrow who also represented Principal Secretary Mr. Richard Lesiyampe said though agriculture was fully devolved function; the national government had stepped in to revive the industry.

While noting that the industry is yet to recover, the PS called for concerted efforts from all the stakeholders to ensure same is achieved.

“The government is committed to revitalization of the industry through the enabler of the big 4 agenda under the pillar manufacturing and therefore concerted efforts are needed over the same” he said.

Administrative Secretary State Department of Crop Development Harasama Kerrow on his part called on pyrethrum growing counties to ensure information reaches farmers.

He reiterated that Kenya has potential when it comes to Pyrethrum farming and called on farmers to embrace the same.

“To encourage our farmers and counties to sensitize our people so that they can embrace this sector which has a lot of markets and w can earn a lot of money from it” he said.

Mr.Bainard Ondanje who has been chairing a technical committee on the same speaking at the same forum lauded the national government for stepping in to ensure that the industry is revived.

He said that was a good move in achieving one of the Big 4 Agenda of the government on Agriculture and as well as Manufacturing.

“We are happy that the industry is being revived. We know very well that in the Big 4 agenda Agriculture becomes a key player in that area and it is in line with that we are gathered to ensure success of the sector in order to spur growth in the country” he said.

The intergovernmental Technical Committee for revival of pyrethrum production in Kenya will coordinate farmer mobilization and sensitization for increased flower production in the 19 growing counties as well as work with counties to identify specific needs.

The committee will also propose and recommend a mechanism for enhancing affordable access to financial services by pyrethrum farmers as well as monitor development of the crop.

It will also revive pyrethrum research and development and monitor industry governance.

The Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya Managing Director Paul Lolwerikoi on his part said the company will continue to work closely with the stakeholders in achieveing the same.

The forum was attended by various Agriculture CeCs from pyrethrum growing counties led by Nakuru county CeC for Agriculture Ms Emmaculate Njuthe Maina.


PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Administrative Secretary State Department of Crop Development Harasama Kerrow(centre),Pyrethrum Processing company Managing Director Paul Lolwerikoi (right) and technical committee chair Mr.Bainard Ondanje(left) during the launch of intergovernmental technical committee on revival of pyrethrum.

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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