Former councilor hints of another corruption scandal involving TSC

Former Nakuru councilor has hinted that there could be another corruption scandal involving Teachers Service Commission that will amaze Kenyans.

Speaking on Sunday in Kivumbini Ward during funeral fund raiser to condole Mr. George Otieno who lost the wife, former Shauri Yako Councilor Rose Lai slammed at the Jubilee administration over what she termed is total corruption.

She hinted that another corruption scandal involving TSC is coming up that will amaze Kenyans that most schools will no longer have writing chalks.

“Corruption has cost this nation a lot and let us not take this lightly. The government of the day has messed Kenyans and soon there is another scandal involving TSC that will amaze Kenyans since we will not have chalks in our schools” she said.

Rose Lai who once served as councilor for the Shauri Yako ward in Nakuru East also challenged youths to register as voters in order to participate in development agenda of the nation.

Her sentiments were echoed by Grace Karuga-a Nakuru business woman who has shown an interest in the Nakuru Women Representative seat saying the only way to fight corruption is to vote out the corrupt leaders and replace with servant leadership.

She also urged youths to ensure they register as voters and shun politicians preaching divisive and tribal politics.

“We can only win the fight against graft by voting out the corrupt and then we should also shun politics of division and tribalism” she said.

Former Kivumbini Ward Councilor Risper Ouma challenged Kenyans to avoid regrets by voting in the right people.

“We can avoid regrets after every 5 years y voting in the right people” she said.

Others who spoke at the fundraiser included Neto Sakwa and Mr.Wilbur who are both in the race for the Kivumbini ward 2017.

They urged those who have not registered as voters to do so in order to make a change in the society by participating in general elections 2017.

Martin Gicinga

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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