Egerton University students support Doctors demanding CBA implementation

Egerton University Students school of Medicine have joined hands in demanding that the Government implements the doctors’ CBA to end the nationwide strike.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Thursday after holding peaceful demonstrations, the students led by Mokaya Onsase said the Government was a letdown to them as they had nothing going on in the last and current semester following the nationwide doctors’ strike.

According to the students, they have school fees but no lecture is going on as the Doctors are on with their strike and the Government has remained silent on the matter.

“We have paid school fees but nothing is going and thus why as students medicine class, we are calling on the Government to ensure that the Doctors’ CBA is implemented and the Doctors’ arrears sorted out” said Onsase.

He added that the Doctors should not be threatened in any way when they are demanding for their rights.

His sentiments were echoed by the Students President Were Elisha who said instead of the Government threatening Doctors, it should look on the negative impact of the strike to the medicine students as well as the common citizen and address the matter once and for all.

“The Government is busy going around with the issue of the voter registration yet Kenyans are dying in our hospitals due to Doctors’ strike. If this is not sorted then it might affect even the August polls” said Elisha.

Similar sentiments were also uttered by Mairura James who said the semester has been wasted following the Doctors’ Strike.

According to Mairura, the government has been I the business of extending their duration of study from 6 years by one year an issue he said was not going down well with the medicine students.

The students vowed to hold demonstrations throughout if the Government will not have negotiations to end the stalemate.

This comes amid Government efforts to address the Doctors strike failing to bear fruits.

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