Division among Nakuru artistes leads to botched media briefing over Kalasha event

Nakuru County artists are a divided lot over what is termed petty politics surrounding the recent Kalasha Festival hosted in Nairobi.

This was revealed on Friday morning following a botched media press conference that had been planned by a section of the artists.

Sources have it that the artists wanted to respond to issues surrounding the Kalasha event where Nakuru was the county of focus.

The presser was to take place at 10 am at the Nakuru Players’ Theatre but when Media arrived at the venue, there were only a few groups going on with their exercise and normal practices.

When media became impatient, they made calls here and there only for a few artists to arrive 30 minutes later.

It later turned out that the key complainants were held up and could not attend the presser hence the presser was called off, something that angered the media for being wasted.

However, it has emerged that the group is a divided lot with some complaining about the Kalasha event while another group is okay with the event.

The group that had turned up for the presser accused their fellows who did not turn up for betraying them.

“We had agreed to be here at 10 am but then some of the key complainants are like they won’t make it here and therefore we are sorry media guys,” said one of the artists.

However, speaking over the phone, Nakuru County Chief Officer Gender, Culture and Social Services Ms Abduba Tume termed the group as people who are pushing for their own self-interests.

She revealed that a section of artists who were claiming that money had been misappropriated during the Kalasha event in Nairobi where Nakuru was the county of focus had made a visit to her office on Thursday and she responded to their grievances with true information.

While reiterating that no county funds were spent, she says the event through the creative economy structure had partners who came on board to support local filmmakers.

Knatcom (UNESCO body in Kenya) supported 3 Filmmakers who came with their films while hotels from Nakuru who used the opportunities to market themselves in the event.

A section of Nakuru artistes had taken to social media claiming that the county government of Nakuru had lost sh 3.8 million during Kalasha event yet the county had nothing to show.

The CO also took an issue with Nakuru Players’ Theatre Chairman Barbushe Maina for spreading wrong information that he was not paid for a film produced in Nakuru Ole-Naibon yet he was paid.

“They were in my office yesterday and I told them the truth about Kalasha event. I also told them to report to the DCI or EACC if they feel the money was misappropriated.

Ms Tume also refuted claims raised by a section of artists who had taken to social media with messages of being sidelined in the organization of the Kalasha event.

She clarified that the event was not meant for all artistes but Filmmakers from Nakuru County and all over the world.

“The event was meant for filmmakers in Nakuru and all over the World to showcase their talents,” she said.

Our attempts to reach Nakuru Players’ Theatre Chairman Barbushe Maina over the matter were in vain as our calls went unanswered.

Nakuru County was selected as the model county for this year’s Kalasha Festival which was held in Nairobi last Month.

During the event, Nakuru showcased its position as a county for tourism, cultural sites and film location.

Ole-Naibon, a film shot in Hells Gate National Park was also screened.

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