Demos rock Nakuru over hiked fuel price

The busy Kanu street on the outskirts of Nakuru town came to a standstill on Monday as Locals took to the streets lamenting over hiked fuel prices that has seen increase in travel fares.

Led by Nakuru based political activist Dr.Abdul Noor, the locals called on the government to rethink about the move which they said is now a burden to the common citizens.

Addressing media along Kanu Street on the outskirts of Nakuru town, they locals said the move has also affected many youths who were dependant on the transport industry as they are now rendered jobless.

They vowed to continue with the peaceful demonstrations until the government heeds to their grievances in the transport sector.

The said even though the government of Kenya is in debts, hiking prices of commodities such as fuel will not help but rather the government should look for other ways of dealing with the debt issue.

“We are to demonstrate over the hiked fuel prices since the leaders we elected have failed to take action. We Know Kenya has debt but the government should not hike prices of commodities to settle such” said Dr.Abdul.

This even as a spot check at Mololine booking offices within Nakuru main bus station, passengers stranded over increased travel fares.

In an interview Mololine operation Manager David Kahiga says they are forced to hike fares as the new fuel prices is a big blow to their business.

At the moment a passenger wishing to travel from Nakuru to Nairobi will have to part with Ksh.500 compared to previous Ksh.300.

According to the Mololine operations Manager, the move has affected their business as passengers are now avoiding expenses of travelling.

“We have been forced to hike fares since the government increased the fuel prices and we are calling for intervention into this as the same is affecting our businesses as well as affecting the common citizens” said Kahiga.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Locals led by Nakuru political activist Dr.Abdul Noor demonstrate along Kanu street over the hiked fuel prices that has seen increased travel fare.

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