Conflict brewing in Nakuru as cartels invade 3N TO Sacco’s Parking Bay

Conflict is brewing in the transport sector within Nakuru’s CBD over alleged illegal allocation of parking Bays.

Members of the 3N TO Sacco have raised the concern claiming the former regime erred in allocating Parking Bays to individuals without proper guidelines; an issue they say has led to confusion within the Nakuru’s CBD.

Led by the 3N TO Sacco chairman Mr. David Njuguna Njoroge,the members are now calling on Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to step in and ensure the matter is addressed.

According to Mr.Njoroge, cartels have invaded the sector and are now going against the rules and regulations of even registering Saccos.

He says for one to qualify to have a Sacco needs to have a minimum of 30 vehicles but the cartels who have no vehicles have manipulated the system and are now registering Saccos and getting parking bays without following procedural guidelines.

“We are calling on Governor Kinyanjui to step in and ensure the matter is solved” said Njoroge.

They says they have written to the county CEC in charge of the sector over the same issue demanding that Bay letters given to the cartels be revoked but to the surprise they are still operating illegally.

The 3N TO Sacco members now say if the county government will not intervene in the matter, then they may end up losing job due to lack of parking Bay for their vehicles.

The 3N TO Sacco has 176 vehicles which is a source of income to many families whose relatives work there as drivers.

“We need our Bay as a Sacco so that we can go on with our service to the people” said Njoroge.

Similar sentiments echoed by the 3N TO Sacco Vice Chair David Githinji who says if the matter is not addressed they will paralyze operations in Nakuru’s CBD.

He admits there are cartels in the transport sector within Nakuru and they are doing so through corrupt means which should be looked into.

“Some of the cartels are operating under Saccos that do not exist and that is why we are saying as genuine Saccos we cannot continue to suffer in the hands of corrupt cartels. We want Governor himself having a background of NTSA to help address this matter” said Githinji.

Our attempts to reach the said cartels for a comment on the same we futile as our calls went unanswered.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Leaders of 3N TO Sacco in Nakuru addressing media on Wednesday 22 August 2018.

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