Clergy: Road safety, collective responsibilty

Road safety is a collective responsibility and Kenyans have been urged to be responsible especially this festive season and campaign period to avert accidents.
Speaking on Thursday at Salgaa after officiating a sanctification prayer for the Nakuru-Eldoret road at Salgaa black spot, Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba road safety responsibility cannot be left only to the police but everyone in the society should play their role to avert road accidents.
“We all as Kenyans have a responsibility when it come s to road safety and this should not be left only to the traffic police. Let us play our role to ensure our roads are safe and no more accidents” he said.
The clergy also called on Kenyans and Nakuru residents who use the Salgaa road to ensure they are careful and follow all the traffic rules.
He said during this festive season, there is need for safety on our roads as Kenyans head even to the 2017 campaign period.
“I want to call upon all and especially those in Nakuru who often use this Salgaa road that has claimed the lives of many that let us be careful with traffic rules and be ambassadors of road safety” he said.
His sentiments were echoed by Pauline Akinyi Gwendo –a commissioner at st.John Ambulance Rift Valley Region who appreciated the role being taken by churches in Kenyan in ensuring that the roads are safe through creating awareness.
She urged parents to be responsible with their children this festive season and ensure they are not under alcohol influence while driving.
“This is a festive season and my appeal to the public is that let us be responsible on our roads and keep off from unnecessary distractions” she said.
Nimrod Robinson, a survivor of Salgaa accident that claimed 8 lives also called on Kenyans to be careful on roads saying it pains to loose loved ones through road carnage.
“As a survivor, I can only call on Kenyans o be careful on roads and that let us just follow traffic rules” he said.
Emily Wanjiru one of the parents who lost the loved ones through accident at Salgaa urged the government to ensure that there is establishment of dual road at Salgaa.
According to her this will help in averting the road accidents that are always experienced at the black spot.

“Let the government put up dual way at Salgaa and this will help reduce the accidents. I would also suggest that the youths below 24 years should not be given driving licenses since most of them are careless” she said.
The prayer meeting brought together various stakeholders in the transport industry as well as residents from various parts of Nakuru county.

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Martin Gicinga

Creating platforms and content that promotes Nakuru. Online journalist and seasonal trainer.

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