Internationally acclaimed Movies shot in Nakuru

Movies shot in Nakuru

Nakuru County has many beautiful and scenic destinations. It’s a surprise then that we don’t have more movies shot in Nakuru. In addition, movie makers have not fully exploited these attractions in their movies. Take Lake Nakuru National Park for example. The UNESCO recognized heritage site should be a dream destination for any prospective filmmaker. With the wide range of birds, viewpoints, animals and plantation, the park would provide idyllic backdrops for any movie. Maybe as a county or country, we need to shamelessly market our destinations more. Am surprised…

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Government will not switch off SIM cards over Huduma Namba

The government does not intend to punish Kenyans who don’t register for the Huduma Numba. Statehouse Chief of staff Nzioka Waita has clarified that instead, the government will focus more on civic education about the Huduma Namba. “For the avoidance of doubt Huduma Number Registration is a voluntary excercise in compliance with the ruling of the Courts,” tweeted the chief of staff. “There is no directive from the Government to institute any punitive measures against those who don’t register. More emphasis will be laid on civic education!” he added. Earlier…

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Requirements for the Huduma Number registration

Huduma Number

Have you registered for the Huduma Number (Namba)? The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) is popularly known as Huduma Number (service number). It will be used to come up with a Kenyan population register that will be the single source of identity about ant person residing in the country. To be registered in the NIIMS register, here are some of the details you’re required to submit. Huduma Number Registration requirements Personal Information – Name, gender and Date of Birth. You also need to fill in your place of birth…

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Kenya’s hottest DJ Pierra Makena coming to Naivasha

DJ Pierra Makena

Kenya’s hottest female Deejay, Pierra Makena will be in Naivasha this Thursday. In a post on her Instagram page, pierramakenaofficial, the curvy DJ has revealed she will be at Naivasha’s club Bubbles Lounge. “Naivasha!!!! It’s been a minute, let’s meet this Thursday at Bubbles!” wrote Makena. Naivasha town revellers can look forward to a night of amazing mixes from the multi-talented beauty. Being the Good Friday eve, they will be at liberty to dance themselves to exhaustion. “Friday is a holiday so no excuse. We party till dawn,” she added.…

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Copycat apps affect Nakuru Taxi hailing business

Wasili one of the leading Taxi hailing apps in Nakuru

When Wasili Cabs launched in Nakuru, we all signed in relief. We could now get to our destinations comfortably and at affordable rates. Finally, we had a Nakuru Taxi-hailing app of our own. The Wasili Cabs quickly became popular. They were our own version of Uber. We embraced Wasili, we downloaded the App. We were proud of Wasili and we always advised (and still do) our visitors to use Wasili once they landed in Nakuru. If we said Wasili revolutionalized travel in Nakuru, we wouldn’t be lying. Today, you’ll find…

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Sister to former Nakuru MP, Kihika Kimani, laid to rest

Kihika Kimani siblings

Miriam Wanjiku, a sister to the late Nakuru MP Dixon Kihika Kimani was laid to rest yesterday at her farm in Kihingo Njoro. She was wife to the late Njoroge Kihiri to whom she was married since 1946. Born in 1924, the late Miriam was the second born in her family and left behind several children and many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. She died on 8th April this year. “The Miriam lived a richly blessed life. She was always jovial, hardworking and generous,” a neighbour described the deceased. Among those…

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Tourist Attraction Sites in Nakuru

Attraction sites in Nakuru

There are plenty of attraction sites in Nakuru. For any foreign or local tourist coming to Nakuru, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Away from the famous and known attraction sites, there are plenty of other lesser known tourist attraction sites in Nakuru. When talking of Nakuru attraction sites, Lake Nakuru National Park comes to mind. This is the most famous tourist destination in Nakuru attracting thousands of foreign and local visitors every year. Although it’s most famous for flamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park is home to hundreds of other bird…

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Acoustic Moca makes Sunday afternoons more lively in Nakuru

MC Emos at Acoustic Moca Nakuru

Sunday afternoons are something to look forward to for young trendy people in Nakuru town. From 2 PM to 7 PM, the young and young at heart usually meet at one of Nakuru Town’s most trendy joint, the Moca Loca coffee Lounge in the heart of Nakuru town. “It’s a time to catch up with friends and relax to entertainment from local artists,” says James Mwachia the Creative Economy champion in Nakuru county. Dubbed the Moca Loca Acoustic sessions, the afternoons are filled with live performances, instrumental music, karaoke, poetry…

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Lupita Nyong’o book, “Sulwe” to launch in October

Lupita Nyong'o - Sulwe

Award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o has authored a book. And the book titled “Sulwe” is going to be a hit. Although the 48-page book is meant for ages 4-8, it will no doubt pass through the fingers of a myriad of others beyond this age bracket. Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers the book titled “Sulwe” will be launched on 1st October. “I wrote a book! It’s called #Sulwe! Sulwe is out October 1 and is available for pre-order today. The extraordinary Vashti Harrison Illustration illustrated the story. I wrote #Sulwe…

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Are you ready for the Nakuru Street Festival edition seven?

Nakuru Street Festival

The 7th edition of Nakuru Street Festival happens on Sunday 14th April  2019. The edition, dubbed, “Our Story” will run from 12 noon to 5:30 PM and is expected to attract a crowd of over 600. The first edition of Nakuru Street Festival happened in 2017. It started as a gathering of friends and artists on the streets of Nakuru and has now turned into a movement. According to Vanessa Pym who is one of the event organizers, the festival was designed as a platform for local artists to showcase…

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Nakuru Gospel Musician Christonimph Wambui laid to rest

Christonimph Wambui

Hundreds of residents from Nakuru and beyond have today braved scorching sunshine as they paid their last respects to the later gospel musician Christonimph Wambui. Christonimph who lost her life at a road accident was laid to rest at Nakuru South cemetery at a ceremony that attracted scores of people majority of whom were young people. “It’s rare to see so many young people coming out for burial. This is proof of how much Christonimph had impacted on their lives,” says Amos Njoroge an emcee and performing artist in Nakuru.…

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Show of solidarity as youth come together in honour of Christonimph Wambui

Christonimph Wambui

The Nakuru Players Theatre was yesterday packed to the brim as hundreds of well-wishers came together at a concert in honour of the late gospel musician, Christonimph Wambui. Scores of youth among them musicians, poets, producers, friends of the late Christonimph and those who knew her turned up in large numbers for the event that also included a candle lighting session. Born in 1999, Christonimph died at the young age of 19 when she got involved in a road accident a week ago at Kikopey. Most of those in attendance…

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