A 63 year old herbalist solving ‘disgraceful’ situations facing women in Nakuru

A 63 year old Jane Chepkemoi Koech has been termed as mothers’ heroine in a small village of Mercy Njeri, Kona Mbaya in Rongai sub county of Nakuru owing to her prowess in traditional medicine that she has used for over 18 years to save the lives of women in the area.

When we met up with her on Monday 13th August 2018 while on her official duty of offering traditional medicine treatment to several women who visit her home, she tells us that hers is a calling to help the current generation of women.

She adds that several women have visited her with several complications among them bareness, arthritis among others.

Surprisingly, Chepkemoi reveals that she does have any education but that she acquired the prowess in traditional medicine from her grandmother and that times she is taken into deep sleep and shown some medicinal herbs through dream.

“I don’t have any education background but this is just a calling after I acquired the same from my grandmother. Sometimes I just get medicinal herbs through dreams and I go look for them” she says.

Her joy is not to be paid but to see to it that she assists several women who have been viewed as disgrace in the society.

The mother of 5 children admits that the community is poor and some women come free for treatment and when they are treated they disappear without paying any single coin.

“Some patients come, they are treated and they disappear without paying even a single cent” she says.

Her method of administering is by giving the medicinal herbs to her patients with directions on how to use at home.

The patients then come back for checkups depending on the type of medicine they are given and the duration it should take.

“The medicinal herbs are given to patients with instructions on how to go about them. They are then required to report back for checkups” she says.

However despite her prowess in the field of herbal medicine, the 63 years old Chepkemoi is yet to be recognized by the government.

Her appeal is that the government can step in and ensure that people of her type are recognized in the society and supported fully.

She adds that women and the society at large is facing a lot of medical challenges which can be addressed if the herbal medicine can be embraced.

Sentiments echoed by neighbor Peter Maina Kimani who is a also a beneficiary.Peter who was almost losing his life due to nerves complications admits that the therapy he was given by the 63 year old Chepkemoi saved him.

“I am a living testimony that indeed the herbal medicine can help if embraced” says Kimani.

It should be noted that the use of herbal medicine is increasingly finding more relevance today, especially with the recognition that we are facing more challenges in the treatment of some medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili: A 63 year old Jane Chepkemoi Koech doing the selection of her medicinal herbs.

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